Shadow's Unexpected Scoops

Since 1997, has published headline-grabbing documents, FBI and police reports and lawsuits — several times scooping mainstream media on juicy stories, all while not getting sued. “They do a very impressive job of ferreting out public information,” Fox spokesman Scott Grogin told MarketWatch. Among the SmokingGun’s scoops: Reporting that a finalist in Fox’s “Joe Millionaire” had appeared in fetish and bondage movies; publishing the testimony given in 1993 by the teenage boy who sued Michael Jackson for sexual battery and emotional distress; publishing documents in 2000 showing that the star of “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire” had been restrained by a court order from seeing his ex-girlfriend, whom he had been accused of striking. The MarketWatch story includes a video interview with’s Bill Bastone on what’s behind its success in beating out larger media competitors in breaking stories.

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  • randy

    is anyone interested in a story of a man being able to get away with fraud, perjury, giving false testomony, contempt of a court order, and tax evasion, all in federal court.while Martha goes to the big house,this man sleeps in his own house because our U.S. trustee in VA and a Federal judge don’t feel his name will get their names in the news.We have all the facts and records if someone is willing to publish it.

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