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Online Newspaper Shakes Up Korean Politics

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OhmyNews, a a feisty three-year-old South Korean Internet news site, played an important role in the victory of reformist lawyer Roh Moo Hyun in December, The New York Times reports. Would this have happened without the Internet? Unlikely. After OhmyNews ran reports last summer about two schoolgirls crushed to death by a U. S. Army armored vehicle on patrol, a series of demonstrations against the Army presence snowballed into a national movement that many see as having propelled Roh's candidacy. "OhmyNews's reports of the incident were widely seen as forcing the hand of the mainstream media to pay attention to a story that conservative tradition here suggests they might have been inclined to ignore."

State of the Union: Instant Analysis

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As soon as President Bush finished his State of the Union, anchors and media pundits immediately began analyzing it. But readers of got to do more than just hear talking heads talk -- they got to discuss the speech and the Democrats' response with Washington Post Associate Editor Robert G. Kaiser. "I thought the strength of print journalism was it could be reasoned and deliberate compared to television news," asked one reader from Alexandria, Va. "Are you comfortable popping off with 'instant analysis?' Or is this just for fun?" Kaiser replied, "A painfully good question. Watch how I do this to see an essentially uncomfortable instant analyst trying to avoid the pitfalls of the art form. Will he fall off the high wire? Probably. I like the repartee with readers the best....

Online Polls Skew GOP

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Keen observers of online news polls have noticed the results tend to skew toward conservative answers. Now there's proof of that. Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to participate in online surveys, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, in cooperation with the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Half of those who said they like to take online polls were Republicans, while one in five were Democrats and just one in four were independents. The survey also reported that percentage of Internet users who went online for election news in 2002 was 22 percent, up slightly from 15 percent during the last midterm congressional election in 1998.'s The Note

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This daily political news Weblog, first published on Jan. 14, 2002, quickly became a must-read daily compendium of political news and analysis. The Note, which began as an internal staff e-mail, is written by Mark Halperin, Elizabeth Wilner and Marc Ambinder of ABC's political unit. Washington Post White House correspondent Dana Milbank told The Washingtonian, "It's the arbiter of who is on the cutting edge." The New York Times Adam Nagourney told the New York Sun The Note has a ?certain intelligence to it,? noting that ?it?s often ahead of the news? and ?sets out concepts for stories and ways to look at the world.? onpolitics

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