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ABC to Broadcast 24-hour Web News

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For years ABC has been wanting to get into the 24-hour news broadcasting game, toying both with partnering with CNN and with starting a stand-alone 24-hour Internet broadcast to compete with the cable news networks. Now that the CNN partnership idea is dead, ABC has launched a new service called "ABC News Live" that will only be available to subscribers of ABC News on Demand (which costs $4.95 a month) or RealNetworks's RealOne SuperPass (which costs $9.95 month and includes CNN video). The site will be a mix of press conference broadcasts, headlines and replays of ABC News shows. Perhaps most interesting, the service will let viewers use a "virtual control room" to watch feeds and headlines from four screens simultaneously. "At a time when more people are getting their news online during ... Suspends The Note

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With a war with Iraq likely to begin any day now, has suspended one of it's most popular features, The Note, because "coverage of the possible war is going to require the bulk of the assets of ABC News." In a note on the site, the political news Weblog's writers say, "As word leaked out over the weekend that this Note suspension might happen, some of our well-meaning readers taunted us, claiming that this a confession that the Political Unit isn't up to the journalistic equivalent of fighting a 'two-front war.' All we can say is - WE would be able to do it, but those 1,000 monkeys who do those Google searches for us all night have been diverted to making widgets and trading nylons for chocolate for the ABC News war effort, and, frankly, we've become more reliant on them than yo...

Online Impact of CNN-ABCNEWS Merger

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Rumors continue that executives from ABC and AOL Time-Warner's CNN are pondering a merger of their news networks. While the move would be significant to the journalism and television worlds, the move would be equally significant to the online sector, according to this report from comScore Media Metrix. "Without question, a combined CNN-ABC News online news network would make it the leader in its category - particularly in the U.S.," the report says. "Collectively, these online news networks reached (an unduplicated) 24.7 million unique visitors in September 2002, putting the combined entity ahead of AOL News (a CNN sister company) by 5.1 million visitors." Continue reading...