Streaming video hits prime time

Online publishers have been fielding unprecedented demand from visitors for streaming video feeds related to the conflict in Iraq since it began about two weeks ago, Cnet reports. “The confluence of live war coverage and a bevy of new streaming video services online is thrusting Webcasting back into the limelight after years of failed efforts or false starts.”


  • WAMtv – `On The Up` for the UK`s Broadband TV channel
    Worldart Media Television the UK`s only 24-hour Broadand TV channel which launched last Oct/Nov has already crept into the top 25,000 hit websites world-wide, according to the global traffic ranking organization. The channel, which shows a varied mixture of arts and entertainments via an interactive windows media player is a non-stop `multicast` rather the the conventional `video on demand` that most sites use. Paul Blyth WAMtv CEO says “we are very pleased and surprised at the huge growth in our viewers, considering we are a `Broadband only` site and Broadband is in the first phase of being rolled out in some areas. I think it shows that people are definately looking for media alternatives.”
    The website still carries no advertising as WAMtv will try to fund operations purely from TV type adverts and sponsorship, rather than conventional banner ads and pop ups. “this will be a tough one” says Blyth “if we manage it, it will be a first, but we were aware of that this would be our most difficult challenge from the outset.”
    WAMtv is currently engaged in covering the Edinburgh Festivals, which has a rich and varied set of artists that visit the Scottish Capital every year. The channel started as an experiment at the Festival and is still dedicated to giving its artists a global platform. Many of the current viewers have likened the channel to `kind of MTV` of the Arts without chat shows, reality TV, celebrity or even presenters, just pure content.
    Watch this TV space?

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