State of the Union: Instant Analysis

As soon as President Bush finished his State of the Union, anchors and media pundits immediately began analyzing it. But readers of got to do more than just hear talking heads talk — they got to discuss the speech and the Democrats’ response with Washington Post Associate Editor Robert G. Kaiser. “I thought the strength of print journalism was it could be reasoned and deliberate compared to television news,” asked one reader from Alexandria, Va. “Are you comfortable popping off with ‘instant analysis?’ Or is this just for fun?” Kaiser replied, “A painfully good question. Watch how I do this to see an essentially uncomfortable instant analyst trying to avoid the pitfalls of the art form. Will he fall off the high wire? Probably. I like the repartee with readers the best.” When it comes to repartee online, Kaiser did a wonderful job, avoiding the trap of condescension and keeping a sense of humor. Here’s the transcript.

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