Shadow Stormin' Through

As snow blanketed the East Coast, storm coverage
blanketed East Coast news sites. One site that stood out was The
Providence Journal’s,, which packed in comprehensive
reporting with
information on local
closings, parking bans, travel schedules and how to cope with
the snow
. The site was also wonderfully interactive with its
community, publishing

a bulletin board
for folks to share their snow storm
stories; a spot

Storm Blog reporting notes from around the state
; and
a slide show of
reader photos
. The last two features mentioned highlight two
promising approaches to covering breaking news online that are
being used increasingly — spot Weblogs, such as Florida Today’s
Columbia landing journal
and Spaceflight Now’s
Mission Status Center
; and reader slide shows, such as

from the shuttle crash, these from
BBC Online
and these

from The Charlotte Observer.

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