Posting Transcripts Online: Go for it!

Last fall reported on Sheila Lennon, a J-blogger for The Providence Journal, posting the complete transcript of an interview with The New York Times’ David F. Gallagher, who reduced it to one paragraph for his story. Now J.D. Lasica has done a similar thing from the writer’s end, posting the complete transcripts of interviews he conducted for an article he write for the Online Journalism Review on RSS feeds, because he didn’t have room to include all of them. News sites will post complete interview transcripts from time to time, but, in an explanation in his New Media Musings Weblog, Lasica speculates more “journalists don’t do this because (a) it’s a hell of a lot of work, and (b) it could call into question the decision-making process on which quotes the writer selected for his or her story.”

True, time concerns are always an issue. But concerns about the decision-making process shouldn’t be an issue unless the reporter made poor decisions ? in which case, the editor and reporter have bigger problems to worry about ! In many cases ? including this one ? posting transcripts online is a great use of the Web, and news organizations should consider doing so more often when time permits it and when the transcripts contain information useful to readers.


  • Excula

    ich hoffe hier im Forum kann mir jemand helfen!
    Ich habe versehentlich ein paar Pics von meiner Kamera verloren. Leider sind die Daten nicht mehr im meinem Papierkorb.
    Die Dateien sind sehr wichtig für mich! Ich würde die gerne zurückbekommen.
    Wer kennt ne Seite auf der ich Infos dazu finde, wie ich die Daten retten kann??
    Vielen Dank schonmal für eure Antworten

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