Online resources for covering terrorism and Sept. 11-related news

bullet Profnet Experts: A list of experts available to talk about the Sept. 11 attacks.
bullet Howstuffworks “September 11, 2001”: Answers to basic questions about the September 11 terrorist attack on the United States.
bullet IRE: ‘s Related Web Links: Useful links by category, on everything from aviation to biological warfare.
bullet OJR: List of resources by category compiled by Paul Grabowicz.
bullet The Poynter Institute’s Terrorism page: Essays and tips from the great minds at Poynter.
bullet American Press Institute’s Special Report: Crisis Journalism: A Handbook for Media Response.
bullet News Librarians: A fascinating and useful list of questions posted and answers received to the news librarians mailing list after the World Trade Center attack.
bullet’s Attack Links: Short, free list of basic sites.
bullet RTNDA’s Attack Links: Tips for covering terrorism, plus useful links.
bullet Terrorism Research Center: Links for in-depth terrorism information.
bullet NewsLab’s Links for Covering Terrorism
bullet SAJA: Source list for U.S. and South Asia stories.
bullet FACSNET: Backgrounders for covering the war on terrorism.
bullet No Train, No Gain: Sept. 11 resources from this newsroom training site.
bullet ASNE: Resources for high school journalists.
bullet Newslab: Glossary of terror terms
bullet Terrorism answers: Terrorism and Sept. 11-related fact sheets in an easy-to-digest question-and-answer format.
bullet Media After 9/11: I Want Media’s new archive of some 150 articles traces significant events across the media landscape following last year’s terrorist attacks — coverage issues, media office evacuations, newsroom anthrax attacks, and death of Daniel Pearl, and more.
bullet News Watch: Reporting on Sept. 11A list of resources and tips from journalism industry organizations, and a directory of ethnic news media outlets.
bullet Special Report: Terrorist Attacks: JournalistsToolbox’s directory of links.
bullet Special Libraries Association New Librarians’ Division: Links on The Buildings and Rebuilding, Changes in America since 9/11, Charities and Organizations Established for 9/11, and Commemorations.
bullet The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma: Resources on how Ground Zero-related trauma affects survivors, victims and journalists.
bullet News and legal resources, information and related services.
bullet MediaMap’s attack-related resources: Broad collection of coverage resources. 
bullet Teaching for Change: Sept. 11 resources for educators.
bullet Human Rights Watch:  Links on terrorism and the war in Afghanistan from this human rights organization.
bullet The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: Includes scores of primary documents, from speeches to press releases.
bullet The September 11th Sourcebooks: National Security Archive online readers on terrorism, intelligence and “the Next War.”
bullet South Asians Among The Sept. 11 Victims: Useful links from SAJA.

Tips for covering terrorism and Sept. 11-related news

bullet Terrorism Answers: Since Sept. 11, a thorough knowledge of terorrism and related issues has become essential for nearly all journalists. And as journalists prepare coverage for the Sept. 11 anniversary, new questions are sure to arise.
bullet Preparing for Sept. 11: When doing anniversary stories, it’s useful to take a fresh look at the original coverage, both as a reference and to help spark new ideas.
bullet 9/11 + 1: Story ideas and advice from readers.
bullet Say What? Between war in Afghanistan, the fighting in the Middle East and the tensions between India and Pakistan, journalists are increasingly encountering names and terms foreign to us.
bullet Interview voyeurismBuried inside the Department of Defense’s website is a journalist’s gold mine.
bullet More Sept. 11 links: Here are a few sites that have done a great job pulling together tips and links that will help you in your coverage.

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