Mystery at Little Elk,

Most Innovative Use of Digital Media, Features/Enterprise, Circulation more than 250,000, Digital Edge Awards 2001. Judges wrote, “This site, developed for children and their families, cleverly unearths the history of a plot of land on the Mississippi River where American Indians, French fur traders, explorers and lumbermen lived for hundreds of years. Judges saluted the fine teamwork between the print and online groups and praised their ability to weave text, audio, video and animations into a compelling package.”

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  • S Tercero

    Circulation, I have to say that in nine years of getting the Sunday Trib. that this is the first year that the paper was early on the change to CST. They usually push their deadline to the max. Please keep it up. Last week we didn’t get delivery till 9 ish. Thanks S Tercero

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