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Check out the special galleries of Sept. 11 and Space Shuttle crash coverage, plus exclusive Behind the Scenes features.

Iraq Conflict Tips & Resources
As America gears up for a possible war with Iraq, now
is a good time to start familiarizing yourself with the best Iraq-related
resources online.’s guide gives you a good start
. [2/28]

Interactive Storytelling: The Columbia Crash
Most news sites responded well
with slide shows and the gathering of current and background stories on the
shuttle crash, but several stood out.

In a special report for
, Nora Paul, the Director of the
Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota, examines which
sites created content that helped the public better understand the events in
ways that just couldn’t be done in print or on air. [2/4]

Online Space Shuttle Crash Coverage
Online news sites reacted rapidly and robustly to the space shuttle Columbia’s
crash on Feb. 1. Nearly every major site blew out the top of their site,
devoting the top screen — or more — to the story. Several chose layouts they
rarely use, to create additional dramatic impact. has put together a gallery of cover snapshots from a
sampling of sites and analyzed the effectiveness of their approach
. [2/1]

How Technology Will Change

Journalists may even be in for a sea
change, Managing Producer Dorian Benkoil writes in an article for
. Digital technology may revamp what the public thinks of
as ?news,? just as television and radio remade what had been a world ruled by
print. If the news ?platform? becomes irrelevant, he says, will the
cyberjournalist be someone who gathers massive quantities of journalistic ?data?
that can be parsed in numerous ways? Or will the need for intelligent sifting
and analysis become ever more crucial to help the info-harried user rise above
the cyber-torrent? The answer, he says, is both. [1/13]

Top 10 Online Journalism
Stories of the Year

What were the biggest events in the
online news world this year? Here’s a look at’s Top 10 Online Journalism Stories of 2002
. [12/18]

Behind the Scenes: Media Unspun’s Demise

Media Unspun prepares to shut down on Friday,

publisher Jimmy Guterman says in a Q&A with’s Jonathan Dube

that the only way for independent Web publishers to survive is

by banding together as a network to "preserve our idiosyncratic
voices, but share a business back end." He also says, "
Weblogs have to be two-way to work, otherwise they’re either vanity publishing
ventures or traditional columns pretending to be hip."

Media Unspun, an online and e-mail
publication analyzing media coverage of technology business news, will suspend
publication on Friday Dec. 13, unless a major sponsor or investors is found
before then. [12/9]

Behind the Scenes: Fiore’s Animated Cartoons
one thinks of online journalists who are doing innovative, enlightening work
that truly takes advantage of the medium, Mark Fiore is one of the first names
that comes to mind. Fiore recently won the 2002 Online Journalism Award for
commentary and was a finalist in the Creative Use of the Medium category.
a Q&A with’s Jonathan Dube, Fiore explains why "technology
doesn’t make the cartoon" and that the key to making an animated cartoon
effective is "having something to say.
" [11/20]

Online Impact of CNN-ABCNEWS Merger
Rumors continue that executives from ABC and AOL
Time-Warner’s CNN are pondering a merger of their news networks.  While the
move would be significant to the journalism and television worlds, the move
would be equally significant to the online sector,

according to this report from comScore Media Metrix
. "Without question, a
combined CNN-ABC News online news network would make it the leader in its
category – particularly in the U.S.,"
report says
. "Collectively, these online news networks reached (an
unduplicated) 24.7 million unique visitors in September 2002, putting the
combined entity ahead of AOL News (a CNN sister company) by 5.1 million
visitors." [11/8]

Behind the Scenes: Gotham

Gotham Gazette, an independent Web news site about New York City, recently won
the Online News Association’s award for Independent Service Journalism for an
exhaustive package about Rebuilding NYC in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks,
including an interactive game where users could design their own vision of how
to rebuild lower Manhattan.

In an essay for, Gotham Gazette Editor Jonathan Mandell
describes how the tiny staff of Gotham Gazette put together this award-winning
. [10/30]

Behind the Scenes: ‘Amtrak:
All Aboard?’

Christian Science Monitor’s ‘Amtrak: All Aboard?’ is a wonderful multimedia look
at Amtrak’s troubles, incorporating audio, Weblogs and interactive maps.
an essay for
, News Producer

Ben Arnoldy explains
how produced the package, which is a finalist for the Online
Journalism Awards that will be announced this weekend. [10/17]

September Net Traffic Numbers

The Nielsen//NetRatings top Current Events & Global News Sites numbers are out
for September
. The Associated Press, Belo and the Drudge Report dropped off
the Top 20, while the Boston Globe, McClatchy Newspapers and the WorldNow
network of local television sites joined the list. If you’re not familiar with
WorldNow check it out — the company now
has partnerships with 143 local television stations.  [10/16]

Behind the Scenes:

Sonic Memorial Project is a


audio archive of immediate, first-person accounts chronicling  Sept. 11 from
almost every vantage point, collected by NPR’s Lost and Found Sound and
the public broadcasting community. The project’s impressive site,, was built by Picture Projects, an award-winning interactive
documentary company. T
he site’s unique Sonic Browser interface
enables users to zoom in and out on specific sounds while ambient audio plays in
the background.’s Jonathan Dube asked Picture Projects

cofounders Alison Cornyn and Sue Johnson about the making of


CyberJournalist List

The number of journalists writing Weblogs is rapidly increasing and, thus,
The CyberJournalist List has been expanding
quite a bit. So the list of J-Bloggers has
now been split up, listing Weblogs published by news organizations separate from
ones published independently by journalists. There are now at least 50 Web logs
published by news organizations — and countless more, of course, published
independently by journalists. [9/28]

Watching Convergence Unfold
Journalism student Joseph Van Harken recently found himself in the middle of a
breaking news shooting scene, watching news media converge in the field. He
quickly learned there are many ways to tell the same story, and each way has its
own purpose. In an
essay for
, he describes the coverage and the lessons he
learned. [9/28]

Top 20 Current Events &
Global News Sites
Nielsen//NetRatings has released
its list of the Top
20 Current Events & Global News Sites for  August
. August is usually a
slow month, but this one was unusually busy, thanks to the West Nile Virus, the
ongoing drought, wild fires and the run-up to Sept. 11 coverage. As a result,
traffic to most sites increased. will be running
Nielsen//NetRatings’ monthly news site traffic reports from now on,


Sept. 11 Anniversary Coverage

Online news
sites have spent months preparing for the Sept. 11 anniversary. has compiled a look at

some of the most outstanding and most interesting work published online

The Post 9/11 Rise of Do-It-Yourself Journalism
The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks gave new prominence to the
phenomenon of do-it-yourself journalism, from eyewitness accounts to analysis
from amateurs, according to a
new Pew Internet & American Life Project
study. As a result, growing numbers of Americans seem to want to use the
Internet to supplement the information they get from traditional media.

Read’s report on the study

Sept. 11 Resources
As the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approached,
updated its list
of terrorism and Sept. 11 resources

Great Work Gallery Updated
There’s so much great work out there it’s hard to keep track of it all, so’s Great
Work Gallery
highlights examples of online journalism with the aim of
recognizing those who do great work and helping those who don’t. The Great Work
Gallery has gotten so large that we decided to give it a much-needed overhaul.
So now you’ll find the great work divided into categories: Enterprise, Breaking
News, Multimedia, Interactive storytelling, Sites, Convergence, Community and
Commentary. Plus a complete list of’s Great Works of the

The Making of’s
Nursing Home Guide

As part of an Atlanta-Journal Constitution series on
nursing homes, "The Bottom Line of Caring," the newspaper’s Web site built and
published a wonderful searchable nursing home guide that let
users research specific homes in detail, including checking what
each nursing home in Georgia spends on its patients and how staffing levels at
homes compare. asked Adrian Holovaty,’s

assistant database editor, to describe how and why the Nursing
Home Guide was built

has begun tracking the latest convergence headlines in a special Convergence

Weblogging as Journalism
Are Weblogs journalism? The debate rages on. Even
newspapers are "blogrolling" now. And New York Times Digital’s CEO has a $2,000
bet on whether Web logs will soon trump newspaper sites in importance.

These stories and more in’s Weblog Blog

Pay for Content?
Whaddya, Nuts?
The Irish Times announced it will start charging for
breaking news, is about to start charging for streaming video — all
while a new study finds that 70 percent of Internet-using adults "can’t
understand why anyone would pay for content." Get the low-down in’s new
Digital Media Business News Round-Up

April Fool’s in
the News
careful not to be too trustworthy of anything you read online
. Of course, a
sense of humor is a great way to give your site personality and help it stand
out from the pack. This page, on
the technology behind
Google’s great results
, is a great example, as is
this Flash
by on the Great Dismal Swamp creature.
even did a
live chat about cat racing
. Need a few more laughs?
Check out’s wrap-up of April Fool’s in the News
— including
several cases where the joke was on the journalists.

Hot Button Convergence Issues

Here’s an
informal list of questions to ask

your online site publishes on a
different schedule and with a different mindset than your traditional news
partner, but you’re still required to touch base with that partner before you
publish. From editor Andrea Panciera.

Telling Stories

popular list of online storytelling forms and examples
has been updated —
and now includes games, Web logs, wordless stories and more. Check it out and
send in your suggestions of
other forms and examples worth noting.

Accuracy and Fairness Tips
In a world where speed rules, what do online reporting and editing
staffers need to do in order to insure accuracy and fairness? Check out these
ten tips from
Andrea Panciera
, editor of, the Web site of The Providence

Top Online Journalism Stories of 2001

What were the biggest events in the online news world
last year? Here
are the Top 10 CyberJournalist Stories of the Year
. Plus check out some of
the best
year-end packages online
. Worth a laugh:

BBC’s look at The Silly Stories of 2001
, which covers everything from flying
pigs to "cheeky forgery."

Refine Your Skills has compiled a list of institutes and universities offering
training for professional journalists and degree programs in online journalism.
Check out the list and send in programs
you know about to help the list grow.

Web Writers’

Roberta Beach Jacobson, editor of the e-zine Kafenio, shares some of the
mistakes — many humorous — that Web free-lancers make and offers a few tips in
an article for
Read her
piece and send in your own submissions

Attack Roundup has compiled a roundup
listing some of the best, most
interesting online journalism about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade
Center and Pentagon; links to various archives of the online coverage; and a
list of stories analyzing the coverage. The roundup will continue to be updated
so keep checking back, and send in
your suggestions for work to be listed

SuperSearching for Journalists

out what may be the single most-useful page on the Internet for reporters:
the CyberJournalist
. From this page, journalists can search just about any site they
may need in their reporting. Check it out, bookmark it and make it your start
page! And here’s a look
at how to make the best use
of the
, published on

Content is King
As administrator of the Online Journalism Awards, Columbia
University professor Sreenath Sreenivasan has learned some valuable lessons
about what makes the best online journalism. Among them: Size matters; "bells
and whistles" don’t.
Check out his
full list of nine lessons
— a good primer before entering this year’s
contest. (Reminder: Deadline is July 16.) 

Refine Your Skills has compiled a list of institutes and universities offering
training for professional journalists and degree programs in online journalism.
Check out the list and send in programs
you know about to help the list grow.

Meet Other CyberJournalists
Check out our
collection of links to Weblogs and personal sites of online journalists
. Got
a favorite site or a site of your own?
Send it in!

A Dozen Online
Writing Tips

Poynter Institute visiting faculty
member Jonathan Dube shared
these online writing tips
with participants of the "Writing Online News"
seminar in 2000. (Also published by and Internet Content.)

Online Storytelling Forms

Here’s a look at how to tell stories online and the
range of forms being used by major online news organizations

This list by Jonathan
Dube was the first

effort to document
online storytelling forms.

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