The CyberJournalist List

“The most comprehensive list of blogs produced by journalists” — Nieman Reports

“Hey, I’m officially a CyberJournalist! It says so right on CyberJournalist.Net, and I don’t see how you could get more official than that.” — Glenn Reynolds,

First news site blog:

Dispatches from the Coast: First known use of the Weblog format to cover a breaking story by a news site (Aug. 26 – 28, 1998, The Charlotte Observer, covering Hurricane Bonnie). Read a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Dispatches from the Coast…

J-Blogs: Ongoing – Blogs published by news sites

  1. EWU Sports (
  2. 4th and 26 (Philadelphia Daily News City Desk editor Yvonne Dennis)
  3. 9 to 5 (Projo’s daily news blog)
  4. A Master Gardener’s Journal (Marion Yaglinski, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  5. ABA Journal (Daily legal news blog of American Bar Assoc. Journal)
  6. Achenblog (Washington Post columnist and humorist Joel Achenbach)
  7. Across the Pond (Andrea Orazi for Northern Life)
  8. Adventures in Motherhood (by working moms, for the Dayton Daily News)
  9. Alec Russell (The Daily Telegraph)
  10. Altercation (Eric Alterman,
  11. Andy Kent’s ‘Blads Blog (Andy Kent, The Bonita Daily News, about Florida hockey team)
  12. Animal Crazy (Orlando Sentinel Deputy Managing Editor Ann Hellmuth )
  13. Animal Crazy (Orlando Sentinel Deputy Managing Editor Ann Hellmuth loves pets, nature and cute photos.)
  14. Anton La Guardia (The Daily Telegraph)
  15. Art from the Garden (Ron Tarver, Garden photography, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  16. Arts News Weblog (WBUR)
  17. Arts Watch (Peter Dobrin, Arts, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  18. Ask the Editor (Vicki Gilhula for Northern Life)
  19. Ask the Editors (
  20. BPoindexter (Bill Poindexter, The Modesto Bee) (sports)
  21. Bags and Boards (By Jevon Phillips and Tom McLean,
  22. Bargain Blog (Greenboro News-Record)
  23. Bee Business Desk ( Dave Hill and business section staff, The Modesto Bee)
  24. Bee Opinion Blog (Judy Sly and Mike Dunbar, The Modesto Bee)
  25. Beltway Blogroll (Danny Glover, National Journal)
  26. Between the lines (Seattle Times, Tom Brown)
  27. Billingsblog (By David Crisp, publisher, The Billings Outpost)
  28. Blinq (Dan Rubin, Blogosphere rundown, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  29. Blog O’ Matters (By Gregory Bryant, Cape Cod Times)
  30. Blogging it with XLent (By staff, Austin American-Statesman)
  31. Books, Inq. (Frank Wilson, Books, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  32. Brain Droppings (By Dayton Daily News Arts Editor Ron Rollins)
  33. Breaking Views (By Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn
  34. Bullard Blog  (Detroit News blogger George Bullard)
  35. Bush Beat (Village Voice, Ward Harkavy )
  36. Buzzworthy (Brian Chin, Seattle P-I)
  37. CJR Daily
  38. California Insider (By Daniel Weintraub, Sacramento Bee)
  39. Capitol Ideas (By John Micek, The Morning Call)
  40. Changing Skyline (Inga Saffron, Architecture, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  41. Cheers (USA TODAY’s Jerry Shriver’s wine blog)
  42. Chick Chat (By Dayton-area women for the Dayton Daily News)
  43. Christian Science Monitor’s Daily Update (By staff)
  44. Chuck Darrow’s Phillies Blog (By Chuck Darrow, N.J. Courier-Post)
  45. Citizen Economists
  46. City Beat (Emily Battle, Fredericksburg, Va., city government reporter, The Free Lance-Star)
  47. City Lights (By Ed Kemmick, Billings Gazette)
  48. Colin Randall (The Daily Telegraph Paris bureau chief)
  49. Columblog (The Clark County, Wash., Columbian)
  50. Consumer Inq (Jeff Gelles, Business, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  51. Control Freak (Orlando Sentinel’s Jeff Rubenstein on video games)
  52. Cosmic Log (Alan Boyle,
  53. Covering Crisis (Andrew Stroehlein for Reuters)
  54. Crime Scene KC (Greg Reeves, Database Editor, Kansas City Star)
  55. Culture Shock (By Leanne Potts, Albuquerque Journal – Subscription req.)
  56. (Jonathan Dube, Online News Association)
  57. DMN Daily (Dallas Morning News editorial board)
  58. Daily Briefing ( editorial staff)
  59. Daily Guardian (By Steve Yuhas, Guardian)
  60. Daily Nightly (Brian Williams, NBC)
  61. Daniel Okrent’s Web journal (By Daniel Okrent, NYT Public Editor)
  62. Daryl Cagle’s Cartoon Weblog (Slate)
  63. David Rennie (The Daily Telegraph)
  64. Desert Endurance (Jacqueline Eastridge, Running, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  65. Digital Dialogue (International Herald Tribune’s Thomas Crampton, Paris-based reporter for the International Herald Tribune; James Connell, deputy technology editor; and Victoria Shannon, technology editor)
  66. Doug Clifton (Cleveland Plain Dealer editor) – RETIRED
  67. DownBeat, The Southwest Ohio Band & Guard Blog (by students for the Dayton Daily News)
  68. Ecowaves (Bill Bradley for Northern Life)
  69. E-Media Tidbits (By Steve Outing & co., The Poynter Institute)
  70. E-journal, (By Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News) – RETIRED
  71. EasterBlogg (By Gregg Easterbrook, New Republic) — DEAD
  72. Editor’s Blog (By Kiersten Marek, editor,
  73. Editor’s Log (Greensboro, N.C., News & Record editor John Robinson)
  74. Editors Desk (Mark Vasche’ and Dan Day, editor and managing editor, The Modesto Bee)
  75. Ellen Lee’s East Bay Livin’ (Ellen Lee, Contra Costa Times)
  76. Eye on Boise (
  77. Eye on Olympia (By Richard Roesler, Spokesman Review)
  78. Fast Company Weblog
  79. First Read (NBC News political unit)
  80. First Statements (Local news blog by Al Mascitti, The (Delaware) News Journal)
  81. Flickgrrl (Carrie Rickey, Film, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  82. Foglio (Leif Utne, online ME, Utne Magazine)
  83. Forkhead (Orlando Sentinel Sentinel Food Editor Heather McPherson )
  84. Get on the Bus (By Dayton Daily News education reporter Scott Elliott)
  85. Getting There (Spokesman-Review transportation reporter Adam Lynn)
  86. Girlfriends’ Locker Room (Philadelphia Daily News)
  87. (By Glenn Reynolds,
  88. Good Morning Silicon Valley ( Ridder Digital)
  89. Great Expectations (Philadelphia mayoral race, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  90. GuardianUnlimited Weblog (The Guardian)
  91. Hardblogger (Chris Matthews,
  92. Health Beat (Delaware Journal News’ Laura Ungar)
  93. Health Beat (Spokesman-Review medical reporter Carla Johnson)
  94. Health Check (Orlando Sentinel medical writer Robyn Shelton)
  95. Help Yourself (Kris Hey, Orlando Sentinel)
  96. Helping Hands (The Journal Times)
  97. Hip clicks (By Whitney Matheson, USA Today)
  98. Hot Spots: World Affairs (By Susan Taylor Martin, St. Petersburg Times)
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  99. Improbable Research (by Marc Abrahams, Editor, Annals of Improbable Research)
  100. In Sandra’s Shoes (Sandra Long, Breast cancer, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  101. In the Mix, (Dan DeLuca, Music, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  102. Inman News Blog (Real estate news by Inman News reporters)
  103. Inside Scoop (Greensboro, N.C., News & Record)
  104. Inside the Core (Raleigh, N.C., WNCN-TV/NBC17)
  105. Inside the JT (The Journal Times’ Editor’s blog)
  106. Jane About Town (By Janell Hazelwood, Spartanburg Herald-Journal)
  107. Jeff Bruce’s JBlog (By Jeff Bruce, Editor, Dayton Daily News)
  108. Job Blog (Boston Globe)
  109. (By Mickey Kaus, Slate)
  110. Kevin Maney (
  111. Kiss the Earth (Virginia Smith, Gardening, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  112. Lansner on Real Estate (Jon Lansner, business columnist, Orange County Register)
  113. Lasso (By Bill Bishop, Austin-American Statesman)
  114. Lex Files (Greensboro, N.C., News & Record investigative reporter Lex Alexander)
  115. Liblog (Christian Science Monitor’s staff librarians)
  116. Liss Is More (David Liss,
  117. LIve From… (Peter Mucha, Breaking news, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  118. Living With Purpose (Tracy Jenks LWPM TN)
  119. runescape runscape rs money rs gold(runescape gold, runescape money rs-autominer)
  120. Loose Canon (By Charlotte Hayes, BeliefNet)
  121. Lost My Place (Melissa Vandiepen, The Modesto Bee) (books and reading)
  122. Mariners weblog (Seattle P-I staff)
  123. Maryland Moment (Washington Post reporters on politics and policies in the Bay State)
  124. Media Log (By Dan Kennedy, Boston Phoenix)
  125. Microsoft Blog (By Todd Bishop, Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
  126. Microsoft Watch (By Mary Jo Foley, Ziff Davis)
  127. Mideast Monitor (By Tony Karon,
  128. Mirror Image (Fashion, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  129. Missing Links (By Cnet staff)
  130. Monitorblog (Christian Science Monitor’s Tom Regan) – DEAD
  131. Mortgage Insider (Matt Padilla, business reporter, Orange County Register
  132. Movies and More (By Dan Webster, Spokesman Review)
  133. Music & Politics in Vienna (By Matthias Wurz, Executive Editor The Vienna Review)
  134. My American Experience (Christian Science Monitor’s Tom Regan)
  135. N.M. Health Beat (By By Jackie Jadrnak, Albuquerque Journal)
  136. NEXTopia (Seattle Times group blog)
  137. Navrot’s Brigade (By Miguel Navrot, Albuquerque Journal)
  138. NetRunner (By Dave McPherson,
  139. NetWatch, (By D.C. Denison, Boston Globe business reporter)
  140. Network World Fusion Compendium (By Adam Gaffin, editor)
  141. New Mexico Science (By John Fleck, Albuquerque Journal)
  142. News Dissector’s Weblog (By Danny Schechtor,
  143. News is a Con versation (8 readers of Spokesman-Review)
  144. Nittany Lines (By Bill Kline, The Morning Call, on Penn State football)
  145. No Silence Here (By Knoxville News Sentinel’s Michael Silence)
  146. Northampton Redoubt (Daryl LaFleur, public policy, The Valley Advocate, Western Massachusetts)
  147. Not-so-handy Homeowner (Johanna Hoadley,
  148. Off the Record (Jessica Smith, Observer-Reporter)
  149. Off the Runway (washington Post fashion editor Robin Givhan )
  150. On Movies (Steven Rea, Film, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  151. On the Road… Again (Eagles Blog, Philadelphia Daily News)
  152. (The Guardian)
  153. (Online Journalism Review)
  154. Opinion Journal Best of the Web (The Wall Street Journal)
  155. Orlando Crime (Orlando Sentinel Criminal Justice Editor John Cutter follows police blotters and court dockets)
  156. Outside the Box (Jim Hames,
  157. PJNet Today (Public Journalism Network)
  158. Parent Place (Orlando Sentinel)
  159. PBS Enage (Public Broadcasting Service)
  160. Peter Foster (Daily Telegraph’s South Asia correspondent)
  161. Philly Road Warrior (Tom Belden, Travel, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  162. Political Animal (By Kevin Drum, Washington Monthly)
  163. Polk News Watch (The Ledger in Lakeland, Fl.)
  164. Pol Watchers (Lexington Herald-Leader Frankfort bureau)
  165. Pop Candy (By Whitney Matheson,
  166. Pop Culture (By Ryan Cormier, The Delaware News Journal)
  167. Postman on Politics (By David Postman, Seattle Times)
  168. Postmortem (By Obituary Staff at The Washington Post)
  169. Practical Futurist (By Michael Rogers, Newsweek)
  170. Press Pass: UA Wildcats Blog (By Arizona Star staff)
  171. Problem Solver Weblog (By Tampa Channel 8’s Stacie Schaible)
  172. Public Editor (Michael Arrieta-Walden, The Oregonian)
  173. Raw Fisher (Washington Post metro columnist Marc Fisher)
  174. Reality TV (Ken Thomassen,
  175. Richard Spencer (The Daily Telegraph China correspondent)
  176. Richmond Report (Washington Post Richmond bureau chief Mike Shear on Virginia politics)
  177. Roadside chatter (Spokane (Wash.) Spokesman Review)
  178. Romenesko’s MediaNews (By Romenesko, The Poynter Institute)
  179. SFblogs (By San Francisco Bay Guardian)
  180. Sam Fulwood III (By Cleveland Plain Dealer Metro Columnist)
  181. Santa Fe New Mexican Blog (By Staff)
  182. Scene It (Marijke Rowland, The Modesto Bee) (entertainment)
  183. Scene on the Road (Tom Gralish, Photography, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  184. SciTechBlog (Tom Regan and Jim Bencivenga, CSM)
  185. Scope It Out (By Jack Broom, Seattle Times)
  186. Scott Rosenberg’s Links & Comment (By Salon’s Rosenberg)
  187. Seahawks Insider (By Mike Sando, Tacoma News-Tribune
  188. Silicon Beat (By Matt Marshall and Michael Bazeley,
  189. Sillycon Mesa (By Nancy Tipton, Albuquerque Journal)
  190. Small Business (By Sharon McLoone, staff writer for
  191. So Necessary… (By Jason Genegabus, Honolulu Star-Bulletin)
  192. Sound Wave (By Spokesman-Review features writer Isamu Jordan)
  193. Spending Smart (By Gregory Karp, The Morning Call)
  194. Spilled Inq. (Kristen Homes, Celebrity gossip, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  195. Sports Life (Scott Haddow for Northern Life)
  196. SportsSay (
  197. Sports Scope (USA TODAY)
  198. Stump (Poynter Politics Weblog)
  199. Subterranean Homepage News (By Sheila Lennon,
  200. Swami Uptown (By Jesse Kornbluth, BelieifNet)
  201. Taking Names (Scott Maxwell, Orlando Sentinel)
  202. Tale of Two Cultures (Lou Yi, Chinese culture, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  203. Tailing the Komets (The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, about minor league hockey team)
  204. Tapped (By The American Prospect)
  205. Technology Bytes (Armand Dicaire for Northern Life)
  206. Tech_Space (Angela Gunn,
  207. The American Debate (Dick Polman, U.S. politics, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  208. The Bare Bodkin (Cory Meacham for SignOnSanDiego)
  209. The Bottom Line (By Arnold Kling of Corante)
  210. The Carpetbagger (Entertainment blog by David Carr, The New York Times)
  211. The Checkout (Consumer blog from Washington Post’s Caroline Mayer )
  212. The Classroom (St. Petersburg Times & school superintendent)
  213. The Corner (The National Review)
  214. The Fix (Chris Cillizza, Washington Post political blog)
  215. The Fortune Weblog (By Peter Lewis, Fortune)
  216. The Garden Shed (Mary Cummings, Gardening, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  217. The Grizzly Growler (Tim Akimoff, craft brewing, Missoulian)
  218. The Hockey Page (The Toronto Star)
  219. The Hortisexual (John Holtz, Gardening, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  220. The Jersey Side (John Shabe,
  221. The Porning Report (By Frank Meyer, Variety)
  222. The Scoop, Congressional Quarterly (By Derek Willis)
  223. The Walk-Through (A real estate blog from The New York Times)
  224. The Women’s Game (Stacey Geyer,
  225. The World Newser (ABCNEWS’ Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff)
  226. Thinking Out Loud (Allen Johnson, Editorial Page Editor, Greensboro News & Record)
  227. Tilting at Windmills (Daily blog by British journalist in Spain on Spanish and Gibraltar news)
  228. Today in the sky (By Ben Mutzabaugh, USA Today)
  229. TongueTied (Scott Norvell,
  230. Transit Blog (Staff,
  231. Transitions (In Malaysian, By Oon Yeoh for Malaysiakini)
  232. Transterrestrial Musings (Rand Simberg,
  233. Trash Me (Melissa Dribben, Litter, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  234. Tundra Talk (The Racine, WI, Journal Times Online)
  235. Tv Guy (Orlando Sentinel TV Critic Hal Boedeker prefers to spotlight good programs, plus Hollywood dish.)
  236. Uncorked (A wine blog by Dayton Daily News wine columnist Mark Fisher)
  237. US Politics (Kathy Gill, – a NYT property)
  238. Utne Tradewatch (group blog from Utne magazine)
  239. Virtual Greality, (Chris Cobler, Editor, Greeley (Colo.) Tribune)
  240. WDeBoard (Will DeBoard, The Modesto Bee) (high school sports)
  241. WSJ law blog (Wall Street Journal on legal issues and the business of law)
  242. WXXI’s Political Notebook (By Michael Caputo, WXXI Public Broadcasting)
  243. Walt Belcher’s Hollywood Blog (Walt Belcher, Tampa Tribune)
  244. Washington File (CBC’s Henry Champ)
  245. Washington Wrap (
  246. Weather Guys (USA TODAY weather blog)
  247. Weather Journal (Kevin Myatt, Roanoke Times)
  248. Weather or Not (Tony Wood, Weather patterns, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  249. Where’s Charlie? (ABC 11 Sports Photographer Charlie Mickens)
  250. Whining & Dining (By Leslie Kelly, Spokane, Wash., Spokesman-Review)
  251. White House Briefing (By Dan Froomkin, Washington Post)
  252. Wicked Little Town (By Rob Kendt, Wicked Little Town)
  253. Woefel on the Web (By Gery Woefel, The Racine, WI, Journal Times Online)
  254. Workday Journal (By Spartanburg Herald-Journal in South Carolina)
  255. Working Parents Blog (BusinessWeek magazine staffers Amy Dunkin, David Rocks, Toddi Gutner, Anne Tergesen, Cathy Arnst, Lauren Young, and James Mehring)
  256. WTNH / MyTV9 Blogs (, New Haven)
  257. Young Professionals (By Denise Polverine,
  258. Philly Inc. (Business briefs, The Philadelphia Inquirer)


Limited-time blogs published by news sites for events

  1. Apple Cup Countdown (
  2. Aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (Seattle P-I reporter M.L. Lyke)
  3. Apple Cup Countdown (
  4. Athens Watch (Jeff Zillgitt, Adam Hirschfield,
  5. BBC Reporters’ Log (BBC)
  6. Battle Lines (Seattle Times, Tom Brown)
  7. Blogging Baghdad (NBC News correspondents)
  8. Blogging from Athens (NBC’s Kerry Sanders)
  9. Blogging in Brazil (BBC’s Paulo Cabral)
  10. Blogging the Valley (
  11. Breaking News Blog (
  12. Election Roundtable ( on 2006 Canadian election)
  13. CES Gadget Show 2006 (Washington Post writers)
  14. Campaign Embeds (MSNBC)
  15. Campaign Journal (Ryan Lizza, The New Republic)
  16. Cincinnati Scoop (Enquirer reporter Dustin Dow Olympics blog)
  17. Columbia landing journal (Florida Today)
  18. Conflict in Iraq (
  19. Connections conference blog
  20. Consumer Electronic Show blog (USA Today)
  21. Decision 2004 Weblogs (The Detroit News)
  22. Delving into Davos (reporters from The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune: Liz Alderman, Katrin Bennhold, Dan Bilefsky, Thomas Crampton, Mark Landler, John Markoff, Floyd Norris, and Andrew Ross Sorkin)
  23. Democratic Presidential Debate (By Katharine Q. Seelye,
  24. Diary of a Madman (By Tommy Tomlinson, Charlotte Observer)
  25. Dispatches from the Coast (The Charlotte Observer, 1998)
  26. Election 2004 Online (By producer Michele Jones)
  27. Election 2005 Blog (Guardian Unlimited)
  28. Election night 2004 blog (USA Today)
  29. Electionline campaign blog (USA Today)
  30. Eric’s War Blog (Capt. Eric Ruthman, WCPO)
  31. Flickertail ( staff)
  32. Guardian Unlimited: Election 2005 (Markos Moulitsas and political expert Lewis Baston)
  33. Guardian’s Weblog Specials (The Guardian)
  34. Hall monitor (By Darren Allen, Rutland Herald)
  35. — Journal: Marijo, Navy Spouse
  36. Hot off the Trail (Knight Ridder staff)
  37. Hurricane 2006 (Orlando Sentinel)
  38. Idol Chatter (USA TODAY’s Ken Barnes)
  39. Iraq Update (WBUR)
  40. Isabel Blog (WVEC)
  41. Knight Ridder War Watch (editors John Murrell and John Paczkowski)
  42. M’s home opener hoopla! (Seattle Times)
  43. Martha Watch Weblog (Newsweek’s Barney Gimbel)
  44. runescape runscape rs money rs gold(runescape gold, runescape money rs-autominer)
  45. Mission Status Center (Space Flight Now)
  46. NCAA blog (Jayda Evans, Seattle Times)
  47. Olympics blog (USA Today)
  48. On the scene ( 2005 hurricane coverage)
  49. Online News Association 2003 Conference blog
  50. Orange Bowl blow-by-blow (USA Today)
  51. Peacock Blog – Gralnick’s Shuttle diary (Jeff Gralnick, MSNBC)
  52. Postcards from the Arctic (Andrew Revkin, NY Times)
  53. Recall Fly on the Wall (Sacramento Bee Editorial Board)
  54. Reflections on Sept. 11 (The Christian Science Monitor, staff)
  55. Richard Scrushy Trial Blog (Birmingham News)
  56. Rising from Ruin ( on Katrina rebuilding)
  57. RiverHawks Diary (
  58. Road to K.C. (Jess and Ralph Walter,
  59. Roadblog (CBS News campaign blog)
  60. Seattle Seahawks Blog (
  61. Shuttle Discovery Blog (
  62. Soccer’s day in the sun (Seattle Times)
  63. Spin Control (By Jim Camden,
  64. Spyscope (By NBC’s Robert Windrem)
  65. St. Petersburg Times Online Journal (photographer John Pendygraft)
  66. State B 2002 (
  67. State B 2003 (
  68. State Preps Report (Seattle Times)
  69. Subway Strike News Tracker (wsj)
  70. Super Bowl Blog (Marty Strasen,
  71. SuperBlog XXXVIII (Bill Simmons,
  72. Election 2004 Weblog (By WFLA News Channel 8 analyst Susan A. MacManus)
  73. Take a trip: San Francisco and Napa Valley (Seattle Times’ Terry Tazioli)
  74. Terry Neal’s Primary Dispatches (By Terry Neal, Washington Post)
  75. The Blog (
  76. The Road to Boston (By David Guarino, Boston Herald)
  77. The Station Fire (Shelia Lennon,
  78. The TNR Primary (The New Republic)
  79. Tilting at Windmills (A British journalist’s blog from Spain on Spanish and Gibraltar news)
  80. Times on the Trail (New York Times staff)
  81. Tsunami aftermath resources (USA Today)
  82. USA Today Iraq War Weblog
  83. Ventura County Star War Blog
  84. WSJ Storm News Tracker
  85. WeBlog (By Elisabeth L Donovan, Miami Herald)
  86. Will Bridie Make It (By Brigid Farrell on Olympics tryout,
  87. Zero Four: U.S. Elections Blog (Financial Times)


Published by journalists independently — not on a news site

  1. (Robert Paisola, journalist at and Founder of the Robert Paisola Innocence Project)
  2. (Andrea Useem, freelance religion journalist)
  3. 10,000 Words (By Mark S. Luckie, Entertainment Weekly)
  4. A Capital Idea (Nicole Stockdale, The Dallas Morning News)
  5. (By Aaron Spencer, The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Miss.)
  6. Advancing the Story (Deborah Potter, NewsLab & Deb Wenger, VCU)
  7. AirCongress (K. Daniel Glover, National Journal)
  8. Alt-log (By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper)
  9. Analytic Journalism (By the Inst. for Analytic Journalism, Santa Fe, NM)
  10. An Unsealed Room (By Allison Sommer, Tel Aviv free-lancer)
  11. (By The New Republic columnist)
  12. Arquivovrv (By Vanessa R. Vianna, Brazilian free-lancer, in Portuguese)
  13. As the World Turns (By Ben Silverman, DotComScoop)
  14. Backup Brain (By Tom Negrino and Dori Smith, free-lancers)
  15. Bad Dad Blog (By Steve Lawson, Glasgow Daily Record)
  16. Behind the News (By Elisabeth L Donovan, Miami Herald)
  17. Bill’s Content (By William Dennis, free-lancer)
  18. Blather (By Bill Barol, free-lancer)
  19. BlocLetters (By Jeremy A. Verdusco, ASNE/APME Fellow)
  20. Blog on the Run (By Lex Alexander, News & Record)
  21. Blue Ridge Blog (By Marie Freeman, Watauga, N.C., Democrat)
  22. Bob Stepno’s Other Journalism Weblog (By Bob Stepno, ex-Hartford Courtant and editor)
  23. Burning Billboard (mobile journalism MOJO)
  24. BuzzMachine (By Jeff Jarvis of NYU, former critic and editor)
  25. Buzzword Compliant (By Sean Gallagher, Baseline Magazine)
  26. Charlab (By Sergio Charlab, Brazilian journalist)
  27. Charlie McCollum in Hollywood (Charlie McCollum, San Jose Mercury News)
  28. Coin Media — in French (By a group of Quebec journalists)
  29. Comon Sense Journalism (Doug Fisher, Unv. of S.C. columnist, ex-AP ed. newspaper/broadcast reptr.)
  30. Cosmo Macero Jr. (By Cosmo Macero Jr., Boston Herald)
  31. Scrolldown (consortium of journalists from Texas)
  32. Dave Copeland (Business reporter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
  33. Dave’s Blog (Dave Barry, Miami Herald)
  34. Dead Parrot Society (By Ryan Pitts,
  35. Decodings (By Jason Chervokas and Tom Watson)
  36. Defense Tech (By Wired and New York Times freelancer Noah Shachtman)
  37. by David Cohn
  38. E-periodistas.weblog (By Ramon Salaverr?a)
  39. (Ziff Davis biz writer; Greensboro News & Record columnist)
  40. Editor’s Weblog (By Anthony DeBartolo, free-lancer)
  41. Editor’s blog (Kiersten Marek, editor,
  42. Editor: Myself (By Hossein Derakhshan, free-lance)
  43., (By Christopher Elliott)
  44. Emily Sweeney’s Video Blog (By Emily Sweeney, The Boston Globe)
  45. Epiphany (By Mahesh Shantaram, Indian media company Jasubhai Group)
  46. Eric Umansky (By Eric Umansky, Slate)
  47. Fergus Cassidy (Irish freelance writer and journalist [NUJ])
  48. Feijoada Completa (By M?rcio Trist?o, free-lancer in Brazil)
  49. Fimoculous (By Rex Sorgatz, IBS)
  50. First Draft (By Tim Porter, former editor,
  51. Free from editors
  52. Getting started by journalist Galina Toktalieva
  53. Greg Locke (By Newfoundland photojournalist Greg Locke)
  54. (Adrian Holovaty,
  55. (By Matthew Hoy, San Diego Union-Tribune)
  56. If It’s In The Press, It’s Got To Be True!
  57. Inksniffer (John Duncan)
  58. Innovate This (Team at The Charlotte Observer)
  59. IWantMedia (By Patrick Phillips, a freelance writer)
  60. Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds, MSNBC & Tech Central Station contributor)
  61. Jim Six (By Jim Six, Gloucester County Times)
  62. Joe Territo (Advance Internet)
  63. Joe Murphy (senior developer, The Denver Post)
  64. John Duncan (Garcia Interactive)
  65. Jonathan Barnes (Pittsburgh freelance writer)
  66. Journerdism (Will Sullivan, The Palm Beach Post)
  67. Ju-Don’s Journalism Journal (independent site by Ju-Don Marshall Roberts,
  68. Kevin Sites Blog (CNN Correspondent Kevin Sites)
  69. (Matt Busse, multimedia editor for The News & Advance)
  70. Lost Remote (By Cory Bergman, KING-TV)
  71. runescape runscape rs money rs gold(runescape gold, runescape money rs-autominer)
  72. Media Mayhem (By Emily Sweeney, The Boston Globe)
  73. Meranda Writes (By Meranda Watling, Journal&Courier)
  74. Mike’s e-journal (By Mike Wendland of NBC-TV and Detroit Free-Press)
  75. Moveable Hype (by Christopher Zylstra, Assistant Editor and Art Director of The Source Newspaper in Canada)
  76. Multimedia Evangelist (By David Nolan, Texas State University School of Journalism & Mass Communication)
  77. Multimedia Storytelling Weblog (By Joe Weiss, The Herald-Sun)
  78. Notebook (By Nathan L.K. Bierma, Chicago Tribune)
  79. Neither Red nor Blue (By Jefferson Flanders)
  80. New Media Musings (By J.D. Lasica)
  81. (Mark Friesen, a news designer at The Oregonian)
  82. News Videographer (By Angela Grant, multimedia producer at the San Antonio Express-News)
  83. Nick Denton (By Nick Denton, former Financial Times correspondent)
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