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“Now that US and British forces have stormed into Iraq, more people than ever are watching the news online. And, whether for or against armed conflict, everyone’s question is the same – how do I find out what is REALLY going on?
“This is where jumps into the spotlight. This site (created by the non-profit American Press Institute) is a fantastic gateway to some of the most innovative, journalism on the Web. It boasts the Internet’s most comprehensive list of J-blogs (personal weblogs written by professional journalists). And it will direct you to some of the more original multimedia offerings from many major news organisations.
“Visit the special “Great Iraq Online Coverage Gallery” to read personal J-blogs from reporters embedded in Iraq, working for publications with a wide range of political agendas. Bulletins from Seattle Post-Intelligencer journalists on-board aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, musings from CNN’s Kevin Sites, and question and answer sessions with Christian Science Monitor’s online producer, Ben Arnoldy – they’re all here.
“The gallery also links to great journalism that exploits the immediacy and multimedia potential of the Internet – an interactive map of Iraq from Newsweek, official weblogs published by BBC reporters, audio reports by the Jerusalem Post, a map of military deployments from CNN, Canadian cartoons….
“Essentially a text-based portal to news sites around the world, is admittedly dull design-wise. It is also overly reliant on US news sources. But, during a war in which many mainstream media appear to be unquestioningly gung-ho about military action, and “alternative” websites seem to limit their coverage to anti-war protests – it pulls up an interesting selection of stories, and a nice opportunity to make up your own mind.” — Heather Walmsley

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