Finding Property Tax Records


  • Robin Bucchi

    As I was searching the Internet for sites that contained Property Tax Records available to the general public, I came across the article ‘Property Tax Records’ was wondering what resources you used to obtain this information for your article.
    I found this article to be of great interest to me because I, myself, work for an organization that is and has been involved in supplying tax records via the Internet, to the public, for a few years now. My research into what is available now began to see how we, Vital Computer Resources, Inc., compared to others.
    We have a basic search output that abides by the Public Records Act as well as other services that expand on the property information for a nominal fee. (For example: including images, property sketches, etc.) If you visit our corporate website you will see the endless searching capabilities.
    If this is of interest to you to expand on the article you have already published, our website is . You will need to register to use this site, but again there is no fee for basic searches. This site also contains a link to our home site of that supplies you with the corporate background information about our company’s services and products.
    Thank you for your time.
    Kind regards,
    Robin L Bucchi
    Assistant Director
    Customer Operations and Applications Development Support
    Vital Computer Resources, Inc.

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