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  • The readings take the reader through a time continuum of ‘family values’. Progression can be seen albeit slowly. In the case of baby M, technology outpaces society’s ability to deal with the consequences. Perhaps political leaders and society should establish jurisprudence BEFORE sanctioning emerging technology. />
    I found Davis-Floyd’s article on birthing particularly interesting as someone who has experienced birth on two different continents. North America is seen as a leader in the international community for many issues but sometimes they just plain get it wrong. Childbirth does not have to be a dichotomy. It should include the best interest of the child and the birth parents, in partnership with the medical profession, not at the control of the medical profession. Search Google

  • Are people really going to pay for clips of audio when they can get home a few minutes later and listen to it for free and in more detail? />
    Even a relatively short piece of writing is 500 words long…can one deliver that on a mobile? Will people read that much on a mobile..? />
    One could try, you never know, but then wouldnt they be doing that already..? Why did users shortern text msgs if they like long sections of prose..?
    Search Google

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