Dave Barry Starts a Weblog

Pulitzer Prize-winning Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry has started a Weblog at, packed with tidbits of Barry-esque humor such as, “SPORTSMANSHIP: The way it works is, if your team wins, you celebrate by wrecking stuff, and if your team loses, you celebrate by wrecking stuff.” Barry thanks blogger Ken Layne for helping him get the blog up and running and writes, “NOTE ABOUT THE TWO CUTE LITTLE DOGGIES OVER TO THE RIGHT THERE: Those were not put there by me. Those were put there by Ken Layne. I don’t know how he did it, and I don’t know how to make them go away. If I did, I’d put cute little doggies on his blog.” A few blogs have been speculating as to whether it’s the real live columnist or just someone pretending to be him, but Dave Barry tells, “That is indeed me, and I started blogging because of widespread public demand. Actually, the only person who demanded it was Ken Layne, but he is pretty widespread. (I mean “widespread in the sense of “broadly distributed on the Internet,” as opposed to “having a big butt.” I have never seen Ken or his butt.).”

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