Shadow in the News: 2001

The Writer, November 2001, "Recommended Internet resources for writers"
" Tips on online writing and editing, plus news and
commentary on online journalism resources."

E-Media Tidbits, November 28, 2001, "The Forms of Online Journalism"
"It’s not new, but we’ve never mentioned it here, and it’s recently been
updated. Jonathan Dube’s CyberJournalist website has a nifty feature and
tutorial that explains the different forms of online storytelling. He includes
lots of examples of how to use the capabilities of the Web to present stories.
The Web is capable of so much more than "shovelware," and Dube provides links to
a bunch of good examples of online storytelling. If you haven’t spent time
learning from this Web page yet, I urge you to do so." – Steve Outing

Radio and Television News Directors Association, April 2001, "Site of the

" is an online resource for
journalists who write and edit for the web. The site features online writing
tips and offers commentary about online journalism. also
explores how the Internet and technology are affecting journalism. The founder
and publisher, Jonathan Dube, is an award-winning online and print journalist.
He is currently technology editor for and has also worked for, The New York Times and The Charlotte Observer."

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