CNN partners with NYTimes, Boston Globe

CNN has partnered with The New York Times and The Boston Globe to put the newspapers’ reporters available to report on-air — with the newspapers’ mastheads visible — for stories on the Iraq conflict. “This would be sort of a dream team in the sense that you have two serious, widely respected, world-renowned news organizations that will provide, I think, unrivaled coverage of this conflict,” Eason Jordan, CNN’s chief news executive, said in a statement. MSNBC has similar arrangements in place with The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek.

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  • Obinna Michael Nkwonta

    Why is it that USA render help to people that don’t need it{Iraq} but those that need don’t get it from them.
    We the south-east people of Nigeria have been marginalized for so many years and the present generation want division[ie Biafra as our own country},since westhern and Northern parts don’t want to co-operate and do not want to divide.
    I think that it is high time for USA to come and help us out, since the UN has ceased to talk on this issue.

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