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“The site of the day is This site has created an online gallery of award-winning articles written exclusively for the Web. Among the examples is the winner of the 2001 Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi Online Deadline Reporting award, “Shooting of Tampa Police Officer,” from Tampa Bay Online. The authors included video, audio and photos in a breaking news story about the shooting of a Tampa, Fla., police officer. Several of the winners were photo essays about the aftermath of Sept. 11 in New York City. Others came from familiar names in journalism who are making use of a new medium: Bill Moyers won an award for best service journalism for his “On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying,”, based on a Moyers special TV report. New Web sites also were represented in this category, including for its “Accident Watch” series, a guide to safety at amusement parks across the United States.”

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  • Aurika A. Grynko

    Title; Contemporary Genocide
    My name is Aurika Grynko. I am a coauthor of a newest scientific discovery that has brought to me as a researcher unhealthy attention of some government agencies. The main topic of our research points on the fundamental principle that had been used in the creation of our living world. One of the most interesting findings that the discovery reveals is Nature of human intellect that works solely by means of electromagnetic frequency. The previous statement means that human thoughts similarly to the computer files can be scanned and downloaded; mind imposed with new thoughts from a remote source such as satellite.
    In the of 1999 upon my immigration to the USA, that time the US President Bill Clinton authorized the illegal use of radio frequency weapons on my body and my brain. My husband was ‘convinced” to conspire against me by helping the enforcement agencies to keep me under restraints. While in detention, I was sexually raped, slavered and mentally abused. The mentioned weapons were used to the degree of torture, internal injuries, bleeding, and destruction of human tissue, masturbation of my genitals via satellite, constant depression and unconscious state of mind. Under this condition I gave birth to a child who since conception was a product of genetic engineering.
    Since the enforcement agencies were driven by the directives of the former US President to test and experiment the weapons of electromagnetic frequency, I have to think that Bill Clinton personally abused my human rights and committed crime of violence. I assume that the government agency found the results of the research valuable and probably competitive taking the latest for grounds to commit the crime against me. Though, the scientific work reveals physical powers over people’s mind, its findings aim solely to disclose the truth about origin of a human being and his intellect.

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