CHOICE Magazine: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, July 2002.

“Online journalism is a different world from traditional journalism, attracting readers looking for the quick fix, the equivalent of a headlines happy meal with the Internet as the toy. This new news is being written and designed by cyberjournalists, mostly young professionals in tune with the times and the technology, who offer a nice story, tight on insight and light on words, with eye-grabbing graphics, a total package that gets the point across. This site caters to these online journalists by focusing on the Internet and new technologies, always looking to see how technology is affecting journalism. The founder and publisher of, Jonathan Dube, is the technology editor for and has a strong background in journalism. appears to deliver on its promise of “recognizing those who do great work and helping those who don’t.” A banner on the left side of every page takes visitors to various sections of the site. Headlines present links to articles about the intersection of news and the Internet. The SuperSearch page is a combination of popular search engines and ready-reference sites. The most useful section of the site for young journalists is the Tips page, featuring Dube’s “Writing News Online” and advice from numerous others. And at Great Works Gallery, visitors can see examples of online news done right. Readers can leave feedback on the site or recommend good online news for Dube’s consideration. This site is recommended for lower- and upper-division undergraduates and for professionals.” – R. L. Abbott, University of Evansville

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