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Shooting video for the Web in Iraq

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Travis Fox, a video journalist for, has filed great footage of coalition troops in Umm Qasr, Iraq, building a prisoner of war camp. For most of his stories, Fox uses a Sony PD150, a roughly $7,000, 12-pound digital video camera with a five-hour battery. The gear is less than half the weight and one-tenth the cost of equipment used by crews for large networks. (If you're interested in how does such great multimedia work online continually, read's Q&A with Tom Kennedy, who oversees the operations.)

Guide to the Geneva Conventions

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Now that the United States and Iraq are accusing each other of violating the Geneva Conventions in the handling of prisoners of war, journalists should familiarize themselves with the international humanitarian standards. The full texts are available online in many places, but they are long and complicated, particularly for journalists on deadline. So be sure to check out this fantastic online guide from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Al-Jazeera launches English Web site

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Arab television network Al-Jazeera has launched a long-awaited English-language Web site. After publishing graphic images of dead U.S. soldiers, the site has had trouble staying online, as it's been hit by denial-of-service attacks. When it's up, it should prove a valuable resource for journalists and readers looking for an Arab perspective on the war with Iraq.

Deliver the News with Integrated Technology

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Integrating all technology available -? including e-mail alerts, updates on the Web and a presence on television ?- serves the public, beats some competition and improves the overall quality of reporting. If you haven?t integrated your newsroom yet, here are some tips from The American Press Institute on what you can do without spending a dime.

Handy Iraq Resources

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Gary Price of passes on these two great resources: • Speech and Transcript Center: Direct links to transcripts of statements and speeches by government and other people in the news; • Streaming Audio/Video News Page: This page focuses on direct links to broadcasters providing English language news either live or in individual segments. More useful links on's special Iraq resources section.

Tip: Covering Bioterrorism

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The possible war with Iraq has revived the bioterrorism fears that surfaced after the Sept. 11 attacks. As Americans confront the very real possibility that bioterrorism weapons may be used against our troops abroad or in a terrorism attack at home, it's wise for all journalists to get familiar with what could happen. To help reporters and producers tackle these stories, The Radio and Television News Directors Foundation has published "A Journalist's Guide to Covering Bioterrorism." Find out more about this guide.