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Guterman starts 'Media on Media' Weblog

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Jimmy Guterman, the editor known for running The Industry Standard's "Media Grok" and then briefly an attempt an independent successor, "Media Unspun," has begun a Weblog for the Online Journalism Review covering what media types are saying about coverage of the war in Iraq — called "Media on Media." "It's strictly inside baseball: This is coverage by a journalist of how journalists are covering other journalists," he says.

Knight-Ridder Runs Weblog Across Network

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Knight-Ridder received a lot of criticism last year after it moved all of its sites to one Web publishing system and gave them a similar cookie-cutter look -- but one of the things the new system has enabled it to do well is share content across sites. A good example of this is its Iraq coverage. In particular, check out War Watch, a good blog edited by two staffers that can also be found on sites like and

Iraqi Uses Web to Chronicle Baghdad Bombing

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An Iraqi who calls himself Salam Pax has been writing a Weblog from Baghdad, filing wry accounts of daily life from the heart of the war zone and developing such a large Internet following that traffic caused his server to go down. Salam Pax, a pseudonym crafted from the Arabic and Latin words for peace, is the only resident of Iraq known to be filing accounts of the war directly to the Web, according to Reuters.

CNN's Sites forced to Stop Blogging

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After an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about CNN Correspondent Kevin Sites's great blog from the Gulf, he writes, "I've been asked to suspend my war blogging for a while." Apparently the blog wasn't authorized by CNN. "I don't want let you down -- I'm chronicling the events of my war experiences, the same as I always have, and hope to come to agreement with CNN in the near future to make them available to you in some shape or form, perhaps on this site."

Embedded Journalist Writes Weblog

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter M.L. Lyke and photographer Grant M. Haller are among a group of journalists embedded with U.S. forces on board the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and Lyke is writing a continuous Weblog for about her experiences, called Aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. "Being first on board has advantages. I've got a bunk, called a 'rack' onboard. Late-arrival media will have to sleep in cots. I'm in the Mary Todd Suite, directly below the steam-powered catapults that launch jets into space with a thunderous shudder, night or/and day. I flinch on the first launch, shoulders up around my neck. My body shakes involuntarily. Within an hour, I don't even blink. That's life onboard: The weird becomes the norm, in quick order."

The Power of Blogs

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Would former Senate majority leader Trent Lott's endorsement of Thurmond's 1948 pro-segregation platform have become such a big story and led to his resignation if blogger Joshua Micah Marshall hadn't reported it and excoriated the media for ignoring it? Instapundit and blogger Glenn Reynolds, who linked to Marshall's scoop, said, "Several big journalists told me they first heard the [Lott] story from my site, and that they probably wouldn't have thought it was important if I hadn't given it so much attention." But the Lott story could have percolated without him, he told The Baltimore Sun, because some black Republicans were already fuming over the comments. "Like most such things," he said, "how much power the blogs wield is hard to determine." Reynolds said , even blogs like ... Suspends The Note

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With a war with Iraq likely to begin any day now, has suspended one of it's most popular features, The Note, because "coverage of the possible war is going to require the bulk of the assets of ABC News." In a note on the site, the political news Weblog's writers say, "As word leaked out over the weekend that this Note suspension might happen, some of our well-meaning readers taunted us, claiming that this a confession that the Political Unit isn't up to the journalistic equivalent of fighting a 'two-front war.' All we can say is - WE would be able to do it, but those 1,000 monkeys who do those Google searches for us all night have been diverted to making widgets and trading nylons for chocolate for the ABC News war effort, and, frankly, we've become more reliant on them than yo...

'We Media' and Interview Voyeurism

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Thanks to the Internet, Journalism is becoming less of a one-way street from reporters to readers and more of a dialogue. Two recent journalism review articles explore this phenomenon. "We Media augments traditional methods with new and yet-to-be invented collaboration tools ranging from e-mail to Web logs to digital video to peer-to-peer systems," writes Dan Gillmor in the Columbia Journalism Review. "But it boils down to something simple: our readers collectively know more than we do, and they don?t have to settle for half-baked coverage when they can come into the kitchen themselves." Meanwhile, in the American Journalism Review Barb Palser talks about writers posting complete interviews online and writes, "We are learning that people often are as interested in the ingredients of a news...