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Newspaper Blogger Crosses Ethical Line

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The Houston Chronicle's Steve Olafson has been writing a Weblog that criticizes his own newspaper and offers opinions on news that he covered. But rather than be honest with his readers and editors, he did so anonymously, under the pseudonym "Banjo Jones," The (Clute, Texas) Facts reports. It's generally not acceptable for journalists to spout opinions on issues they cover -- but doing so anonymously makes this a serious ethical violation. The Weblog has since been shut down, but for the curious, here's a cached version of it. He has been fired.'s The Note

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This daily political news Weblog, first published on Jan. 14, 2002, quickly became a must-read daily compendium of political news and analysis. The Note, which began as an internal staff e-mail, is written by Mark Halperin, Elizabeth Wilner and Marc Ambinder of ABC's political unit. Washington Post White House correspondent Dana Milbank told The Washingtonian, "It's the arbiter of who is on the cutting edge." The New York Times Adam Nagourney told the New York Sun The Note has a ?certain intelligence to it,? noting that ?it?s often ahead of the news? and ?sets out concepts for stories and ways to look at the world.?

According to the Times

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The New York Times on the Web has begun a Weblog of links to some of the weeks top stories in The Times called "According to The Times..." What's particularly interesting is that the site is basically using the Weblog to repitch stories to readers, except with a completely different angle. Rather than the usual straight news headline -- or even a headline that summarizes the story -- the Weblog highlights a catchy detail or fact from the original story that was otherwise buried. For example, an article titled, "Pop-Up Web Ads Pose a Measurement Puzzle" is linked from the Weblog with line, "Pop-unders ads were originally developed by the online pornography industry"; and an article originally titled "Pulitzer Prize Winner Also a Profitable Bookseller" is pitched in the Weblog as "Best-selli...