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CyberJournalist Attack Roundup

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CyberJournalist.net has compiled a roundup listing some of the best, most interesting online journalism about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon; links to various archives of the online coverage; a list of great Flash interactives; and a list of stories analyzing the coverage. The roundup will continue to be updated so keep checking back, and send in your suggestions for work to be listed.

Internet SuperSearching for Journalists

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Check out what may be the single most-useful page on the Internet for reporters: the CyberJournalist SuperSearch. From this page, journalists can search just about any site they may need in their reporting. Check it out, bookmark it and make it your start page! And here's a look at how to make the best use of the CyberJournalist SuperSearch, published on Poynter.org.

Content is King

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As administrator of the Online Journalism Awards, Columbia University professor Sreenath Sreenivasan has learned some valuable lessons about what makes the best online journalism. Among them: Size matters; "bells and whistles" don't. Check out his full list of nine lessons -- a good primer before entering this year's contest. (Reminder: Deadline is July 16.) Continue reading...