Online Space Shuttle Crash Coverage

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Online news sites reacted rapidly and robustly to the space shuttle Columbia's crash on Feb. 1. Nearly every major site blew out the top of their site, devoting the top screen -- or more -- to the story. Several chose layouts they rarely use, to create additional dramatic impact. has put together a gallery of cover snapshots from a sampling of sites and analyzed the effectiveness of their approach. Continue reading... City Hall on Trial

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BEHIND THE SCENES:, the Web site of The Providence Journal produced impressive coverage of the corruption trial of Providence Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr., including Web-exclusive daily updates, audio, video and a tour of the courtroom. In this Behind the Scenes piece for, Andrea Panciera, editor of, explains how it was done. (more…)

How Technology Will Change Journalism

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Journalists may even be in for a sea change, Managing Producer Dorian Benkoil writes in an article for Digital technology may revamp what the public thinks of as ?news,? just as television and radio remade what had been a world ruled by print. If the news ?platform? becomes irrelevant, he says, will the cyberjournalist be someone who gathers massive quantities of journalistic ?data? that can be parsed in numerous ways? Or will the need for intelligent sifting and analysis become ever more crucial to help the info-harried user rise above the cyber-torrent? The answer, he says, is both. Continue reading...

Behind the Scenes: Media Unspun's Demise

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As Media Unspun prepares to shut down on Friday, publisher Jimmy Guterman says in a Q&A with's Jonathan Dube that the only way for independent Web publishers to survive is by banding together as a network to "preserve our idiosyncratic voices, but share a business back end." He also says, "Journalistic Weblogs have to be two-way to work, otherwise they're either vanity publishing ventures or traditional columns pretending to be hip." Media Unspun, an online and e-mail publication analyzing media coverage of technology business news, will suspend publication on Friday Dec. 13, unless a major sponsor or investors is found before then. Continue reading...