MTV News report on the internet from 1995

Fantastic video that will both make you feel nostalgic, give you a few chuckles and remind you that, after all these years, the core uses of the Internet really haven't changed that much: "Despite all the futuristic technobabble you hear about the Internet, however,┬ámost cybervoyagers log on to it in search of nothing more complicated that other people to talk to and to email." (more…)

Examining Iraq Infographics

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There is tremendous potential for news sites to use online infographics to enhance the presentation of information. How are some of the major news organizations creating infographics online? In a report for, Nora Paul, the director of the University of Minnesota's Institute for New Media Studies, compares how news organizations were explaining the B-52 Bomber. (more…)

Why readers prefer online

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On the second day of the war, traffic at top news Web sites grew by nearly 80 percent, according to ComScore Media Metrix. The Washington Post reports that many have turned to the Internet for information to have more control over what they see: "I think I prefer the online, because you can regulate it," said Ilona Arnold-Berkovits, 31, of Washington. "You can read the headlines and decide what to read." Co-worker Barbara Holton, 50, of Washington, said, "You can pick and choose what you expose yourself to."

Online storytelling's 'zeitgeist of exploration'

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In competition with national TV networks, claimed an unprecedented 27 individual awards at the White House News Photographers Association's 2003 television photography and editing competitions. Under Tom Kennedy's leadership the staff of Camera Works has pushed the creative envelope and experimented with new forms and techniques for telling digital stories to an Internet audience. In a Q&A with Dan Willis for, Kennedy says he hopes online storytelling evolves to the point where we can mix the elements so well "that people are conscious of being told an incredibly powerful story, but they're never so conscious of the elements themselves that they get lost and diverted from the experience of the story." Continue reading...

Interactive Storytelling: Columbia Crash

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Most news sites responded well with slide shows and the gathering of current and background stories on the shuttle crash, but several stood out. In a special report for, Nora Paul, the Director of the Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota, examines which sites created content that helped the public better understand the events in ways that just couldn't be done in print or on air. Continue reading...