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Auto-Launching Iraq Video

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Go to's Iraq coverage section and a video clip of the latest headlines greats you immediately. "Welcome to Confronting Iraq,'s home for breaking news and analysis." Jessica Doyle then runs through the top stories of the day and on the site. A great way to bring video to users. Watch for more sites to start doing this.

Embedded Journalist Writes Weblog

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter M.L. Lyke and photographer Grant M. Haller are among a group of journalists embedded with U.S. forces on board the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and Lyke is writing a continuous Weblog for about her experiences, called Aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. "Being first on board has advantages. I've got a bunk, called a 'rack' onboard. Late-arrival media will have to sleep in cots. I'm in the Mary Todd Suite, directly below the steam-powered catapults that launch jets into space with a thunderous shudder, night or/and day. I flinch on the first launch, shoulders up around my neck. My body shakes involuntarily. Within an hour, I don't even blink. That's life onboard: The weird becomes the norm, in quick order."

More Awards for

Great Multimedia Work, Great Work Gallery continues to receive recognition for its multimedia. The Web site took first place in the "Best Use of Multi-Media" category and received an "Award of Excellence" for the photo gallery "A Day in the Life of Africa" at the annual Pictures of the Year International (POYi) competition. In addition, videojournalist Travis Fox was awarded a third-place prize in the POYi competition for the documentary "Rebuilding a Fortress, Rebuilding a Life" and a second place award for it in the separate National Press Photographers Association's Best of Television News Photography and Editing contest. Read's interview with Tom Kennedy,'s managing editor for multimedia.

Online Newspaper Shakes Up Korean Politics

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OhmyNews, a a feisty three-year-old South Korean Internet news site, played an important role in the victory of reformist lawyer Roh Moo Hyun in December, The New York Times reports. Would this have happened without the Internet? Unlikely. After OhmyNews ran reports last summer about two schoolgirls crushed to death by a U. S. Army armored vehicle on patrol, a series of demonstrations against the Army presence snowballed into a national movement that many see as having propelled Roh's candidacy. "OhmyNews's reports of the incident were widely seen as forcing the hand of the mainstream media to pay attention to a story that conservative tradition here suggests they might have been inclined to ignore."'s Unexpected Scoops

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Since 1997, has published headline-grabbing documents, FBI and police reports and lawsuits -- several times scooping mainstream media on juicy stories, all while not getting sued. "They do a very impressive job of ferreting out public information," Fox spokesman Scott Grogin told MarketWatch. Among the SmokingGun's scoops: Reporting that a finalist in Fox's "Joe Millionaire" had appeared in fetish and bondage movies; publishing the testimony given in 1993 by the teenage boy who sued Michael Jackson for sexual battery and emotional distress; publishing documents in 2000 showing that the star of "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire" had been restrained by a court order from seeing his ex-girlfriend, whom he had been accused of striking. The MarketWatch story includes a vi...