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Knight-Ridder Runs Weblog Across Network

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Knight-Ridder received a lot of criticism last year after it moved all of its sites to one Web publishing system and gave them a similar cookie-cutter look -- but one of the things the new system has enabled it to do well is share content across sites. A good example of this is its Iraq coverage. In particular, check out War Watch, a good blog edited by two staffers that can also be found on sites like and

Embedded Journalist Writes Weblog

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter M.L. Lyke and photographer Grant M. Haller are among a group of journalists embedded with U.S. forces on board the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and Lyke is writing a continuous Weblog for about her experiences, called Aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. "Being first on board has advantages. I've got a bunk, called a 'rack' onboard. Late-arrival media will have to sleep in cots. I'm in the Mary Todd Suite, directly below the steam-powered catapults that launch jets into space with a thunderous shudder, night or/and day. I flinch on the first launch, shoulders up around my neck. My body shakes involuntarily. Within an hour, I don't even blink. That's life onboard: The weird becomes the norm, in quick order." on The Station Fire

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The Providence Journal's Web site has done such a good job covering the fatal fire at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island that it's hard to know what to single out. In addition to continually updating the site with staff-written stories on the latest developments from the moment the news first broke early Friday morning, the site has published a slew of impressive online-only features, including: A first-person account from a survivor searching for his mystery savior; an online memorial for readers to post condolences for the fire victims; five flash slide shows and video from a partner TV site; useful information such as victim and memorial details; and much, much more. As a public service, the site has not only been running a Weblog of online reaction to the fire by staff blogger Sheil...

Shuttle Crash News Weblogs

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As news on the shuttle's crash came out, Florida Today posted continual updates to its "Columbia landing journal," a Weblog of the failed landing and the aftermath. This was a particularly effective format for breaking news such as this: as tidbits were released, staffers John Kelly, Chris Kridler and Kelly Young added the latest details, getting the news out fast and giving readers an easy way to see the latest news without having to comb through long articles and figure out what's been added since they last read it. This nicely complemented the site's comprehensive coverage, including its exclusive close-up video of the Columbia launch, showing debris possibly hitting the wing. Spaceflight Now's site also ran Weblog-like updates as news broke, in a feature called "Mission Status Center."...

All Aboard the Blogging Bandwagon

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The (Wash.) Spokesman-Review keeps pushing forward with its use of blogging, adding two new blogs: Eye on Olympia, a reporter's notebook-esqe blog from legislative reporter Richard Roesler; and "Movies and More" -- written by film and book critic Dan Webster, who just spent five days at the Sundance Film Festival. The site has been at the forefront of publishing event-driven blogs, such as this one covering last year's State B basketball tournament and this blog covering a local incorporation vote. Ken Sands, the site's managing editor and a major blog proponent, says he's got several other blogs in the works, so stay tuned for more.

Dynamic Links to Blog Headlines

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The Albuquerque Journal is another site that's gone gung-ho into the Weblog movement, with seven staff-written Weblogs on (here's an index). Rather than just leave standing links to the Weblog on the site's home page, the site takes a smart approach to promoting them: "We create a dynamic link, as the headlines of the blogs change, that appears at the bottom of our home page," Donn Friedman, the Albuquerque Journal's assistant managing editor, tells As a result, he says, "We get about 100 accesses daily to the Science, Health and Culture blogs, which usually puts them within the top 100 pages on our site."

CyberJournalist List Updated

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The number of journalists writing Weblogs is rapidly increasing and, thus, The CyberJournalist List has been expanding quite a bit. So the list of J-Bloggers has now been split up, listing Weblogs published by news organizations separate from ones published independently by journalists. There are now at least 50 Web logs published by news organizations -- and countless more, of course, published independently by journalists. Read the CyberJournalist List...'s The Note

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This daily political news Weblog, first published on Jan. 14, 2002, quickly became a must-read daily compendium of political news and analysis. The Note, which began as an internal staff e-mail, is written by Mark Halperin, Elizabeth Wilner and Marc Ambinder of ABC's political unit. Washington Post White House correspondent Dana Milbank told The Washingtonian, "It's the arbiter of who is on the cutting edge." The New York Times Adam Nagourney told the New York Sun The Note has a ?certain intelligence to it,? noting that ?it?s often ahead of the news? and ?sets out concepts for stories and ways to look at the world.?