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Finder's Guide to Deep Throat, University of Illinois students

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For the past three years students in the Investigative Reporting class of the Department of Journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have attempted to figure out who Deep Throat is. What's most interesting about their work is not their choice, Pat Buchanan, but the online package they've published, which details, step-by-step, how they reached their conclusions. Reading through their process would be useful to students and professionals interested in investigative reporting techniques. The result is also a good example of one way to publish an investigative report: rather than simply publish the conclusion, show the reader how you reached it. Though in this case, they might have included more of the primary sources they used in their reporting: For example, they could h...

Great Student Online Journalism

Great Student Work, Great Work Gallery
Some of the best online journalism is being produced by students -- a good sign that despite our industry's struggles, the future remains bright. Each spring the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism publishes a weekly online magazine about life in New York City, called NYC24 -- you can check out the past two years' editions and the compelling storytelling makes it well worth it. New York University students, meanwhile, have just published ReadMe, a new online collection of articles about online journalism, including interviews with some practitioners. Here you can read about everything from to Christina Valhouli's infamous Salon bikini wax article, best known for the lead, "I am lying flat on my back naked, holding my butt and legs in the air while a middle-age...