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Examining Iraq Infographics

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There is tremendous potential for news sites to use online infographics to enhance the presentation of information. How are some of the major news organizations creating infographics online? In a report for, Nora Paul, the director of the University of Minnesota's Institute for New Media Studies, compares how news organizations were explaining the B-52 Bomber. (more…)

Tracking the Action, Interactively

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Most major sites have turned to Flash graphics to chronicle the day-to-day war action: The Washington Post's Troop Tracker is a deep interactive that tracks day-by-day action and adds history, antiwar info, and photos via other tabs. USA Today Chronicling Iraqi Freedom is another Flash graphic showing day-to-day action. The Guardian's War Tracker is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand Flash graphic showing all the war action, and continually updated.'s In the Battle Zone is another interactive map showing casualties and other war action day-by-day. chose an HTML page for its War Tracker, which is packed with the latest information about battles, airstrikes, casualties and even a chart of Iraqi surrenders.

Justice for all?, Dateline NBC

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How good are you at finding out the truth? Each year, hundreds of letters from prisoners sentenced to spend the rest of their lives behind bars arrive at the law offices of Kathleen Zellner & Associates in Naperville, Illinois. and Dateline NBC put together an interactive where you can read some of these real letters and decide whether you would pursue the cases -- it's a virtual choose-your-own-adventure, based on true stories. Dateline continues making good use of the Web in its broadcasts: Users' answers played a role in a special Dateline.