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Online Newspaper Shakes Up Korean Politics

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OhmyNews, a a feisty three-year-old South Korean Internet news site, played an important role in the victory of reformist lawyer Roh Moo Hyun in December, The New York Times reports. Would this have happened without the Internet? Unlikely. After OhmyNews ran reports last summer about two schoolgirls crushed to death by a U. S. Army armored vehicle on patrol, a series of demonstrations against the Army presence snowballed into a national movement that many see as having propelled Roh's candidacy. "OhmyNews's reports of the incident were widely seen as forcing the hand of the mainstream media to pay attention to a story that conservative tradition here suggests they might have been inclined to ignore."

Martin Luther King Jr. Special

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The Seattle Times produced a wonderful Web package on Martin Luther King Jr., incorporating audio clips from his speeches, a photo gallery, a timeline, perspective article and even a study guide for students and educators. What is most notable is that much of the package was culled from the archives, including one article from 1985. In the Guestbook, reader comments on race relations go all the way back to 1996, offering a fascinating look at the community's opinions over time.

Using the Web's Infinite Newshole

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The Web has become a great secondary outlet for journalists frustrated by the space constraints in newspapers or the time constraints on air. This week New York Times technology columnist David Pogue wrote more than 2,000 words about MacWorld in his first draft, but had to cut nearly half of it to fit the newspaper's newshole. "What a shame, I thought, to have to cut so much interesting secondary information - and what luck to have an e-mail column where I can put it!" he wrote. And so he penned a companion e-mail column, writing "what I would have added had I had the space, with quotations from the printed review for reference."

Mystery at Little Elk,

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Most Innovative Use of Digital Media, Features/Enterprise, Circulation more than 250,000, Digital Edge Awards 2001. Judges wrote, "This site, developed for children and their families, cleverly unearths the history of a plot of land on the Mississippi River where American Indians, French fur traders, explorers and lumbermen lived for hundreds of years. Judges saluted the fine teamwork between the print and online groups and praised their ability to weave text, audio, video and animations into a compelling package."

Yahoo Year in Review

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Every publication loves year-in-review packages (including this one), but Yahoo may have been first and best to the punch. The site's 2002 Year in Review, launched before Thanksgiving, might be the most comprehensive on the Net, covering everything from the war on terror and turmoil in the financial markets to the top movies and hottest clothes of the year. The site has timelines, graphs, lists, polls, slide shows and even a user vote on the person of the year. Much of the content comes from the Associated Press, which must be given a tip of the hat here, but Yahoo also did a fantastic job of compiling, selecting, organizing and packaging the information. Here are a few other Year-in-Review packages: Infoplease Year In Review; CNN Year in Review; BBC Year in Review. Moyers on Dying

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"End-of-life" tools and more, based on a PBS program with Bill Moyers. Winner, Service Journalism: Affiliated, Online Journalism Awards 2001. The judges said: This package, based on a Bill Moyers special TV report, did more than just repurpose a TV show. It became the center of a strong community project tied to the show. The judges said they found the guide for doctors on how to understand and handle diversity especially compelling. Said one judge: "They pulled it off like nobody else could."

Tabitha's Story: In Her Own Words

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WFLS News Anchor/reporter Tabitha LaRue wrote a compelling first-person package for, the Web site of The Free-lance Star in Fredericksburg, Va., about her battle with ovarian cancer. The initial report, "Tabitha's story: In Her Own Words," was six parts and it has been updated more than a half-dozen times since then. Part of what makes the report unique is that it included photos and video (high- and low-bandwidth versions) from both the good times and bad times in her life. The package not only prominently displays Tabitha's e-mail, but she's responded to many readers and even written follow-ups addressing some of readers' questions. The package won a Clarion Award from The Association for Women in Communications for "Online Journalism Special Feature Section."

Behind the Scenes: Gotham Gazette

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The Gotham Gazette, an independent Web news site about New York City, recently won the Online News Association's award for Independent Service Journalism for an exhaustive package about Rebuilding NYC in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, including an interactive game where users could design their own vision of how to rebuild lower Manhattan. In an essay for, Gotham Gazette Editor Jonathan Mandell describes how the tiny staff of Gotham Gazette put together this award-winning package. Continue reading...

Behind the Scenes: 'Amtrak: All Aboard?'

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The Christian Science Monitor's 'Amtrak: All Aboard?' is a wonderful multimedia look at Amtrak's troubles, incorporating audio, Weblogs and interactive maps. In an essay for, News Producer Ben Arnoldy explains how produced the package, which is a finalist for the Online Journalism Awards that will be announced this weekend. Continue reading...