Upcoming Online Leadership Seminars

Many online leaders say there's never enough time to focus on the really important issues they face -- the most interesting content possibilities, the most difficult leadership challenges, the Big Idea that could represent a real breakthrough for their sites. The Poynter Institute is offering a seminar on "Leadership for Online Editors & News Directors" April 27-30 (Application deadline March 17) and The American Press Institute is offering a seminar for online, print and broadcast news executives on "Digital News Management: Strategic Thinking for a Multi-Platform World" April 20-25.

Sites for journalism educators

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So you're standing in front of a room full of teen-agers staring at you expectantly, waiting for a pep talk about a job with long hours, lots of stress, and low pay. Or maybe the fresh-faced journos in charge of your school newspaper are looking for tips and inspiration. Either way, the Internet has help. Here are some online resources to help nurture those young minds.