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Internet Magazine, "'Site of the Week" In The News
"Now that US and British forces have stormed into Iraq, more people than ever are watching the news online. And, whether for or against armed conflict, everyone's question is the same - how do I find out what is REALLY going on? "This is where jumps into the spotlight. This site (created by the non-profit American Press Institute) is a fantastic gateway to some of the most innovative, journalism on the Web. It boasts the Internet's most comprehensive list of J-blogs (personal weblogs written by professional journalists). And it will direct you to some of the more original multimedia offerings from many major news organisations. "Visit the special "Great Iraq Online Coverage Gallery" to read personal J-blogs from reporters embedded in Iraq, working for publications with ...

Poynter Online, "Inspiration for Convergence Journalism" In The News
"If you're looking for ideas to break out of the day-to-day hustle of online-news shovelware, I suggest looking to an excellent resource for multimedia convergence journalism. You'll find links to excellent work on American Press Institute's, including links to the Christian Science Monitor's 'Amtrak: All Aboard?','s 'Rebuilding a Fortress, Rebuilding a Life,' and Fort Lauderdale's 'AIDS in the Caribbean.' -- Martha Stone in the News: 2002 In The News
Poynter Online, Nov. 20, 2002, "The Digital-Era Cartoonist" "I adore the work of Mark Fiore, the San Francisco-based political cartoonist who specializes in animated Flash cartoons. He won the Online News Association's 2002 Online Journalism Award for Commentary and was a finalist in the Creative Use of the Medium category.'s Jonathan Dube has an interview with Fiore. Excerpt: "The medium is so new that editors don't immediately think of animated political cartoons. The cartoon syndicates reinforce this by shoving huge collections of cartoons repurposed from the print world down online editors throats." -- Steve Outing, Nov. 20, 2002, "Political cartoons come of age online" "Technology doesn't make the cart...

Chicago Tribune: "Taking Google News out for a test drive" In The News
"It basically gives people a quick glance of what news sites around the world are determining are the top stories," said Jonathan Dube, publisher of, a site that explores the intersection of technology and media.... Many times, links refer to the same Reuters or Associated Press account posted by different sites. The sheer volume of links can make it harder to sort through and find a unique take, let alone the most interesting one. Dube said without the ability to sift out repeats, "right now, it's just kind of a novelty." ... Dube said the search engine is more powerful than its competitors and probably the most useful part of the site." -- Raoul Mowatt

E-Media Tidbits: ", API Hook Up" In The News
"Jonathan Dube's website, a resource for the online journalism world that covers the Internet, media convergence, and new technologies, has entered into an agreement with the American Press Institute to become a service of API's The Media Center. also will be incorporated into other information and training services produced by the Center, according to its director, Andrew Nachison. Dube will continue as editor and publisher of and becomes a senior editor for The Media Center (AND keeps his "day job" as technology editor for, and Nachison becomes editor-at-large. (Dube also co-writes a regular column, Web Tips, for, publisher of this weblog. Where does he find the time for all this?)" - Steve Outing

CHOICE Magazine: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, July 2002. In The News
"Online journalism is a different world from traditional journalism, attracting readers looking for the quick fix, the equivalent of a headlines happy meal with the Internet as the toy. This new news is being written and designed by cyberjournalists, mostly young professionals in tune with the times and the technology, who offer a nice story, tight on insight and light on words, with eye-grabbing graphics, a total package that gets the point across. This site caters to these online journalists by focusing on the Internet and new technologies, always looking to see how technology is affecting journalism. The founder and publisher of, Jonathan Dube, is the technology editor for and has a strong background in journalism. appears to deliver on ...