Archived online coverage of Sept. 11 attacks

It’s always useful to take a fresh look at the original coverage, both as a reference and to help spark new ideas. Here are some quick links to Sept. 11-related coverage still available online:

bullet Newsday: Newsday has kept online a complete archive of the newspaper’s coverage of Sept. 11 and the aftermath. also has a special section on the rebuilding of Ground Zero.
bullet USA Today: The newspaper’s site has a nice archive but it’s hard to find. The “America on Alert” index includes related graphics and multimedia and even links to all the “key stories” from Sept. 11 and since then, broken down by day.
bullet The New York Times: Unfortunately The Times no longer has a complete Sept. 11 archive online and charges for most stories more than a month old on its site. But links to some of its fine work can still be found on its “A Nation Challenged” page, and the powerful “Portraits of Grief” remain live and searchable.
bullet The Washington Post: Complete coverage of “America at War,” including a searchable archive of all related stories.
bullet Coverage of the war on terror on “The Home Front” and the war abroad, plus an archive of the site’s coverage from Sept. 11.
bullet CNN.comComplete coverage of the war on terror, plus day-by-day archived coverage of the week of the attacks.
bullet ABCNEWS.comDay-by-day archived coverage from September, plus an index of coverage since then.
bullet BBC: A nice package on “America’s Day of Terror,” plus complete coverage since then.
bullet The New Yorker: The New Yorker doesn’t put its entire magazine or archives online, but in a rare treat the magazine has built a deep archive of its Sept. 11 coverage on the Web, including filings from dozens of correspondents.
bullet Television Archive: Reactions around the globe have been captured in thisarchive of television news broadcasts from the period following the attacks.
bullet Yahoo’s Full Coverage: It doesn’t go all the way back to Sept. 11, but this section has more than two dozen pages linking to hundreds of related stories and sites from across the world.
bullet Interactive Publishing’s Digital ArchiveA collection of screen shots from 230 news Web sites around the world on Sep 11 and 12.
bullet Terrorism Archive: Dozens of stories by Poynter’s experts analyzing Sept. 11 coverage and related issues, plus images of hundreds of newspaper front pages from Sept. 11 and 12.
bullet More Screen ShotsMore screen shots of online news sites covering the attacks(Compiled by Craig Saila)
bullet E-mail BulletinsArchive of news bulletins on the attacks (Compiled by J.D. Lasica)
bullet InfographicsLinks to news infographics related to the attacks (Compiled by Paul Dixon)

Interesting examples of online storytelling:

bullet Frontiers of War, audio and photos from Islamabad
bullet The Darkest Day flash presentation
bullet slideshows and interactives
bullet Washington Post: Virtual flyover of ground zero
bullet Washington Post: Panoramic photos of ground zero
bullet CNN Damage Report Maps
bullet USA Today graphics
bullet Bangkok Post: American under attack flash presentation
bullet Durham Herald: Manhattan Skyline, before and after
bullet SpaceImaging: Before and after
bullet Attack scenario animated graphic
bullet Day of Terror flash presentation
bullet American’s New War flash presentation
bullet Spain’s El Pais newspaper flash presenation
bullet El Mundo: Spanish flash presentation
bullet BBC: Chronology of Events on September 11

A few interesting articles about online coverage:

bullet Best of Web in worst of times — great examples, analysis of what sites actually did (By Steve Outing, Poynter Institute)
bullet Media critics see Web role emerge
(By Jordan Raphael, Online Journalism Review)
bullet Articles about Internet coverage of the attacks
(Compiled by Paul Grabowicz)
bullet Tips for online news sites on covering the attacks
(By Steve Outing, Poynter Institute)
bullet Examples online journalists can learn from
(By Steve Outing, Poynter Institute)
bullet A scorecard for Net news ethics
(By J.D. Lasica, Online Journalism Review)
bullet Web rises to challenge TV

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